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Our General English Course covers all levels from beginner to advanced and all levels are taught by trained native speaking English teachers. The minimum age for this course is 16 years old. Upon arriving at the school you are given a placement test so that we can be sure that you are in the correct class.

Our approach is to provide a stimulating, fun and highly interactive environment in which you can develop your language skills. There is a particular emphasis on developing your communication skills on our General English course.



What are the aims of the General English Course?
  • Improve your all round English ability and confidence
  • Develop your vocabulary and functional language skills
  • Ensure student interaction and collaboration by using a communicative approach in classes
What to expect from this course?

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How will my progress on this course be assessed?

Your progress is assessed weekly by your class teacher. You will also have an end of unit test every Friday and an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) when you can discuss your progress one-to-one with your teacher.

When you are ready, you will progress to the next level that is appropriate for you. We usually expect you to spend 10-12 weeks on one level, but it depends on the individual.

What meterials will I use?
We use only the latest course books and audio from major ELT publishers and supplement these with DVDs, online resources, and authentic materials. Our experienced teachers also create their own materials for classes, depending on the students’ interests and needs. The materials cost is £30 per level studied.
Who should apply for this course?
The programme is suitable for anyone looking to improve their English.
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