Homestay Accommodation

See what living in Britain is really like by staying with a local British family. Our hosts are carefully chosen to provide a welcoming environment for your education and a safe place to live during your stay. By choosing a homestay, you can practice your English with your host family, experience a real British lifestyle — including homemade British food! — and make new friends with wonderful people who are excited to meet you.

Our homestays are convenient and comfortable for every student. You’ll enjoy your own room (unless you’d like to share with a friend or relative for the full stay), a short commute to our school, and a desk and internet access for your studies. Each homestay includes access to shared living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, so you’ll always feel welcomed and comfortable. You can also decide if you want your homestay to include a room with breakfast and an evening meal, a room with just breakfast, or just a room without meals, where you will find and make your own food.

When choosing a homestay, you will enjoy:

  • A clean home with a welcoming, English-speaking British family who will help you experience British culture, work on your English outside of the classroom, and give you a safe place to stay during your trip.
  • Please be aware that many host families have pets. If you have suffer from pet allergies, please let us know in advance.
  • Comfortable accommodations, including your own room (furnished with a desk, chair, wardrobe, and drawer space), a shared bathroom and toilet, and access to the home’s living spaces. To show respect to your host, we ask that students keep their rooms tidy and maintained.
  • Access to a self-service laundry facility, including an iron and ironing board. You will also receive a set of linens and towels for your use. If needed or desired, public laundry facilities can be located nearby for your use.
  • Free, reliable WiFi internet access. You may also have access to the family’s telephone, though we ask that you only make calls with the host’s permission.
  • Your own key to your host home, which gives you the freedom to come and go as you want, as long as you respect your host’s schedule. Your key should be cared for responsibly and never copied without your host’s permission.
  • Discounted transportation from the Birmingham Airport to your host home
  • All students under 18 years will be accommodated in homestay where the main carer will have had an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check.

Pricing Per Week 

Single Occupancy

  • Room without meals – £150
  • Room with Breakfast – £165
  • Room with Breakfast and Evening Meal – £175
  • Room with Breakfast and Evening Meal for under-18s – £185

Double Occupancy*

  • Room without meals – £125
  • Room with Breakfast – £120
  • Room with Breakfast and Evening Meal – £145
  • Room with Breakfast and Evening Meal for under-18s – £155

Private bathroom (subject to availability) = + £15 per week

*There is a weekly supplement for gluten-free, lactose-free, halal and vegan diets to cover the cost of the extra food that the host will provide.

Special dietary requirements:
gluten-free + £15 per week
halal, lactose-intolerant, vegan = + £10 per week

*Double occupancy homestays include a room with two beds and are only available for students staying with a relative or friend throughout the full stay

Host Family
Availability All year round
Location The majority of the families are located within a 20 to 40 minute bus journey from the school, areas include, Digbeth, Hall Green, Moseley, and City Centre
Average Journey Time (Home to School) All Hosts are within a reasonable walking distance from a bus stop. The average bus journey is approximately 15 minutes
Booking Option Single rooms and shared rooms available
Meal Plans Half Board (HB) Full Board (FB) Breakfast Only (BB)
Bathrooms Private and option of sharing with the Host-Family
Internet Access Internet access available at most Host-Families
Other Information Bed linen and towels provided


Homestay Partners

We provide accommodation for students through host provider agencies and we organise this before your arrival. We work with Warm Welcome and Hosts International as our partner agencies.

If you have any questions or concerns about your accommodation, contact us at +44 (0)121 366 8953. To book your accommodations, please fill out the form below.