Become a Homestay Host

Become a Homestay Host 

Welcoming a student into your home is an immensely rewarding experience that offers more than just the financial benefit. It takes little to no experience, an open mind and a spare bedroom, while in return your daily life will be enriched with invaluable memories and you will build connections with people from all over the world.


Benefits of becoming a homestay

Our hosts have listed many reasons why they choose to open their homes to foreign students, aside from the financial incentive.

Simple communication has expanded their views on culture, beliefs, learning their student’s language, way of communication and customs, and as many have quite fondly stated, expanding their views on food and ways of cooking has been a very welcoming benefit.

Another interesting and unexpected benefit you might find is that by sharing and teaching your guest about our country and culture, you will refresh your own appreciation for it.

Families with children have educational and emotional benefits as well, by demonstrating sharing, empathy, tolerance and patience. Perhaps the most rewarding part is that you can create lasting relationships; when time passes and students have formed their lives and families, staying connected while sharing those memories that you have given them in their first foreign home, is probably the most valuable benefit for all involved.



How to become a Homestay Host

Students choose homestay because they wish to spend their after-school hours in the comfort of a home, surrounded by people that will offer support by communicating with them in a relaxed and friendly environment. In this way, through casual communication in everyday experiences, like getting to know each other or discussing different topics over meals. The students can adapt faster and learn much more than solely by attending classes.

To provide a safe and enjoyable stay, we need to make sure the hosts can meet our requirements. This means your application needs to include documentation such as DBS checks, gas and fire safety certifications. In terms of space, your home needs to have a spare bedroom with a desk (that can support a computer/laptop for studying); has to be adequately lit, have heating/cooling, proper bed with clean linens and blankets, wardrobe or drawers for clothes and access to a bathroom. It is expected that hygiene standards are maintained by both hosts and students. The students will need to agree to your household rules and to behave respectably at all times. If you have any questions or need support you may contact us at any time, and we will resolve any issue that may arise.

If you would like to join our community of hosts, we encourage you to fill in an application and we will arrange a visit to your home to get the process started. For more details on the earnings please contact us at

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Homestay Host

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