Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide our students with a quality English language learning experience, allowing them to develop the core skills they need to progress in their studies and careers.

Our Mission

To offer a highly personal, intercultural learning experience for students around the globe, creating a safe and fun environment that inspires international opportunities and success. Helping our students for a better future allowing them to achieve their personal goals in life, their studies and careers.

Our Goals and Values

At Edskills Language School, we are:

Committed to your success
With small class sizes and intensive courses designed to meet every student’s needs, you can meet all of your language goals while enjoying a memorable, personal, and satisfying experience abroad.

Part of a collaborative team
From instructors to students to hosts, we work together to create a welcoming, safe, and productive journey for everyone involved.

Completely student-focused
Our courses, facilities, and staff meet the highest standards to produce the best results. You’ll find respect, integrity, and excellence in every area of our program.

You learn better when you’re having fun, so we are dedicated to creating an incredible intercultural experience. Our courses are stimulating and enjoyable, keeping you interested and excited through even the hardest lessons. With Edskills, you’ll experience real British culture, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories of your time abroad.

Designed with your future in mind
No matter how long you stay with us, we know our program is a small part of your goals and plans. We’ll help you develop life-long learning skills, practical knowledge, and strong relationships to help you continue on your English-learning journey.

Want to know more?

We would love to help you improve your English and support you to achieve your goals.

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