Terms and Conditions


In these Terms & Conditions:

“Accommodation Fees” means all accommodation fees arranged or provided by EDSKILLS, except for the accommodation arrangement fee.

“Deposit” means a non-refundable deposit: The deposit requested is typically one week of the course fee. This may change depending on the selected course, whether you require a visa and if your booking is made within short notice of the start date.

“Course Fees” means tuition, accommodation, activities, excursions and transfer fees.

“Start Date” is the start date of your course or accommodation, whichever is earlier.

“Fees” means accommodation fees, the accommodation arrangement fee, course fees, course material fees, registration fees, transfer fees, and all other fees charged concerning a course or accommodation.

“Agent” means a person who makes a booking of a course on behalf of one or more students.

“Your Students” means those you book a course for as an Agent.

“You” means You, the individual student, or “You”, the Agent on behalf of a student or students (group).


  1. This agreement is between Edskills and you. When you submit your registration form(s), it means you agree to these conditions, and these conditions take precedence over any other terms.
  2. Edskills reserves the right to change details of its courses, including facilities, accommodation, and course dates, due to circumstances beyond Edskills control or where the number of students enrolled on a course is insufficient or if a course is oversubscribed or overbooked.
  3. Edskills shall provide a course or courses teaching English as a foreign language to You or Your Students on the terms of this agreement.

Non-refundable deposit and payment of fees

  1. All bookings will be conditional until Edskills has received a registration form from You and payment in cleared funds of the Non-Refundable Deposit.
  2. Payment of the deposits should be made before the course start date or on booking.
  3. Edskills reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £50 each time course, accommodation or taxi transfer details are changed following a request by You.
  4. Upon receipt of a registration form and Non-Refundable Deposit in cleared funds, Edskills will issue You an Unconditional Letter stating the details of our course(s) and the balance of the fees due.
  5. Edskills must know about special requests, dietary needs, and flight details for accurate invoicing. Additional charges may be applied before or during the course and will be invoiced promptly. This covers special diets, extra nights, and flights outside regular hours (before 8 am or after 8 pm).
  6. Accommodation will remain subject to change. If You have requested host accommodation, your booking will stay conditional upon the availability of accommodation.


  1. Edskills will only issue a Visa letter to You or Your Students once the initial deposit of 50% of the course fees and a registration fee £50 is received.
  2. If a visa application is rejected and we receive written evidence at least 14 days before arrival, we will refund the fees received in full, less an administrative fee of £250. Where we receive this evidence, the refund will be paid to you within four weeks of your providing us with bank details and signed authorisation that the refund should be paid to that account. If written evidence of a refusal is received less than seven days before arrival, the refund will be paid less the administrative fee and the following non-refundable payments: £250.

Payment Terms

  1. Funds may be paid by bank transfer, cheque drawn in Pounds Sterling on a U.K. bank, Flywire payment system or by most major credit cards.
  2. All payments must be made in Pounds Sterling. You are responsible for the payment of all bank charges.

Cancellation of courses before You start

  1. You must inform Edskills in writing if You wish to cancel your booking or a booking for one of Your Students.
  2. If you cancel a booking more than 21 weeks before the Start Date, Edskills will cancel your course and refund the full fee. You will be charged for any bank transfer charges incurred in the refund transaction.
  3. If you cancel your course between your start date and three weeks before the start of your course, we will charge the cost of 1 week’s tuition and a registration fee; the rest of the money will be refunded minus any bank transfer charges incurred in the refund transaction.
  4. If you’ve requested Edskills to arrange accommodation for you or your students, your booking depends on the availability of accommodation.
  5. If Edskills must cancel your booking because there’s no available accommodation, they will refund you the fees and deposit. After this refund, Edskills won’t have any additional responsibility or liability to you or your students regarding the cancellation, as outlined in clause 6.

Changing course dates before You start

  1. Subject to clause 7.2, You may delay the start of your course or accommodation by giving prior notice. You must notify Edskills of the change at least 21 days before your Start Date, and if You do not, You will be charged an administration fee equivalent to 1 week of Course Fees and two weeks of Accommodation Fees.
  2. Edskills may refuse any request to delay course dates if Edskills cannot provide the course(s) or accommodation on the new dates that You request and may charge increased Course Fees and Accommodation Fees if you delay the start of Your course or accommodation.

Changing course dates after You start

  1. The school will not make any refunds once the course has commenced.
  2. If You or one of Your Students needs to cancel or postpone a course after the start of the course, you must give Edskills 21 days’ notice. You will be given a credit to pay for the Course Fees at a later date. The credit will be for an amount equal to the Course Fees in respect of any part of the relevant course remaining after the later of:
    1. when You or Your Student leaves the course; or
    2. when the 21-day notice period expires.

The credit will remain valid for courses taking place within 12 months after the date of issue of the credit. The credit is not transferable to any other person.

Changing classes and timetables

  1. Students cannot reduce their weekly study hours or change from full-time to part-time or one-to-one classes.
  2. Edskills reserves the right to change the timetable and transfer students from one class to another, from one study time to another, and to merge small classes or cancel classes and courses.


  1. The accommodation arrangement fee is not refundable.
  2. Edskills reserves the right to change your accommodation details without prior notice due to circumstances beyond its control.
  3. You must pay for your accommodation even when You or Your Students are on holiday away from the accommodation unless agreed otherwise with Edskills.
  4. You may only change your accommodation at Edskills’ discretion.
  5. Edskills will endeavour to comply with any special accommodation requests but cannot guarantee that it will meet any such requests.
  6. Edskills will only consider special requests regarding accommodation. They will only provide accommodation details (including host accommodation details with families) upon receiving full payment of the Fees in cleared funds.

Proficiency Level and Suitability of Courses

  1. Edskills courses may not be suitable for complete beginners or those with specific learning needs requiring one-to-one tuition. You are responsible for discussing your needs with Edskills before booking a course.
  2. Edskills can provide one-to-one tuition where agreed in advance. Edskills does not make or provide any representation, warranty or guarantee as to the suitability of any course for the learning needs of You or Your Students.

Limitation and Exclusion of Liability

  1. Edskills or its staff shall not be liable to You or Your Students under this contract for any indirect loss, costs, expenses, damage, injury, or inconvenience, howsoever caused, arising from:
    1. This contract.
    2. Any failure by Edskills to provide all or part of any course.
    3. The tuition or courses provided by Edskills.
    4. The use by You or Your Students of any accommodation provided or arranged by Edskills.
    5. And whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or otherwise.
  2. Edskills will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss of profit, additional costs, expenses, damages, injury, or inconvenience you may face. This applies to any contract or arrangement between you and your students or any claims made against you by one or more students due to the events specified in clauses 13.1a – 13.1d.
  3. This contract and any other agreement will not exclude or restrict Edskills’ liability for fraud, death, or personal injury resulting from negligence. This also applies to any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by Law.

Responsibilities of Agents

  1. If You are an Agent, You shall:
    1. Provide information on courses to Your Students or prospective students and assist such students to make appropriate choices as to their courses with Edskills.
    2. Support Your Students in completing application forms and providing other required documents.
    3. Provide all information and support that Your Students need to obtain the official papers that Your Students require to be able to partake in a course with Edskills.
    4. Forward to Edskills copies of the application form and associated documents from Your Students.
    5. Provide to Edskills, where requested, details of Your Students’ qualifications and U.K. equivalents and assist Edskills in deciding on the relevant program of study.
    6. Assist Your Students with pre-departure requirements.
    7. Advise Your Students to obtain comprehensive travel and health insurance coverage and
    8. Ensure that Your Students comply with the policies and procedures of Edskills from time to time in force.
  2. If You are an Agent, You shall not:
    1. Have authority, nor hold Yourself out, or permit any person to hold itself out, as being authorised to bind Edskills in any way, nor do any act which might reasonably create the impression that You are so authorised; and
    2. Make or enter into any contracts or commitments or incur any liability for or on behalf of Edskills, including for the provision of courses or the price for them, and shall not negotiate any terms for the provision of a course with Your Students.


  1. Any journeys You or Your Students take arranged in hired transport or public transport by Edskills are made entirely at Your or Your Students’ own risk. Edskills shall have no liability whatsoever to you or any of your students regarding any loss, costs, damages, injury, or expenses incurred as a result of or in connection with your or your students’ use of hired or public transport, however arising.

Cancelling Taxi Transfers

  1. You must notify Edskills in writing at least 21 days before your planned arrival in the U.K. if you want to change or cancel any taxi transfer arranged by Edskills for you or your students. If you provide less than 21 days notice, you will be charged the total amount for the original taxi transfer plus the fee for any new transfer arranged by Edskills.

Public and School Holidays

  1. There is no reduction in course fees for courses that include public and bank holidays.


  1. You are strongly advised to arrange full insurance coverage for health, belongings and cancellation.

Queries and Complaints

  1. You must immediately bring queries or complaints to the attention of the relevant staff member of Edskills so that Edskills can deal with your query or complaint. Edskills will not deal with retrospective queries or complaints. Please refer to the school’s Complaints Policy.

Conduct and Behaviour

  1. Students must comply with Edskills code of conduct and any other policies and procedures of Edskills in place from time to time.
  2. If students breach Edskills code of conduct or other policies or procedures or display any other unacceptable behaviour, including but not limited to harassment of teachers or other students, possession or consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol, smoking in restricted areas, malicious damage to Edskills’ property or the accommodation, jeopardising other students’ safety, or breaking the Law, they may be dismissed from their course at the discretion of Edskills without any refund of Fees. For details, please read the school’s withdrawal policy.
  3. Students who arrive more than fifteen minutes late to any class without having notified Edskills in advance will not be allowed to join the class.
  4. Students are expected to inform Edskills when they cannot attend classes. Missed classes are only rearranged at Edskills discretion and must be taken within an agreed time scale (the original course duration) where offered. If a student remains absent persistently, it may result in the student being dismissed from the course without any refund of Fees. For details, please refer to the Edskills Attendance Policy.

Medical Information

  1. Edskills reserves the right to expel any student with a severe medical condition or a condition requiring regular staff supervision and notify Edskills before the Start Date without refunding Fees.
  2. You must inform Edskills of any special medical conditions affecting You or Your

Force Majeure

  1. Edskills shall not be responsible or liable for its failure to perform any of its obligations or for any disruption to courses, exams, transfers or accommodation if such failure or disruption is beyond the control of Edskills, whether caused by acts of God, fire, flood, wars, embargo, strikes, labour disputes, explosions, riots, disease, of laws, rules, regulations, restrictions or orders of any governmental authority, or any other cause beyond the control of Edskills.
  2. Where, due to any event listed in clause 20.1, Edskills takes steps to arrange extra or emergency accommodation, transfers or repatriation or incurs other expenses, You shall be responsible for all costs incurred by Edskills.

Governing Law

  1. The Law of England and Wales shall govern this contract and any disputes arising from it, and the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise in connection with the contract.


  1. If any court or competent authority finds that any provision of this agreement (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed to be deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of this agreement shall not be affected. If any invalid, unenforceable or illegal provision of this agreement would be valid, enforceable and legal if some part of it were deleted, the provision shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable.